GloryKylin Z-Wave 700 Water Valve - Working

I bought the GloryKylin branded water/gas valve and Aiga hub from Amazon for about $80. The Dome devices have worked fine for me(I have two installed in different properties) but they don't seem to be available any more. I bought this one and my initial assessment is that it is beefier than the Dome in build quality and weight.

The documentation was in Tagalog so I had to use Google Translate to pick it apart.

It works great with the Generic Z-wave valve set as type.

To pair you first must exclude it. Here is the process
Hold the ON button 'til blue LED blinks
In Hubitat - Exclude Z-wave
Hubitat says unknown device deleted
In Hubitat begin inclusion
Hubitat finds and unknown z-wave device
Saved as water valve
Type* in Hubitat saved as Generic Z-wave Valve

Opens and closes as expected.



For all those who are interested, this water/gas valve controller is a 700-series product that supports SmartStart. Here are the relevant links:

  1. Amazon page for the valve.
  2. Z-Wave Alliance Product Page.
  3. Download link for a PDF manual in English.
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For what it's worth, before installation I took a pic of it next to the Dome valve control. I know, I could have been a hand model. :slight_smile:

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I'm glad this thread got posted. I have a dome water valve but was looking for one for my main gas valve since I bought a Heiman gas sensor. My plan was to put the sensor in the middle of the basement then write a rule that would turn off the main gas and the hvac so it couldn't spread through the vents then announce it on every available device in the house.

Thanks, I had been looking for more dome valves but bought the last two on ebay and the manufacturer didn't respond when I emailed asking if they were going to be in production. I decided that if it was garbage I'd return it but was pleasantly surprised. It's a little heavier and feels sturdier. My only complaint is that the LED lights are always on. I could cover them with tape but I'm lazy.

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