Global variables

I have two C-7 HE hubs. The one in the house when clicking on hub variables in settings has no buttons whatsoever. The other hub in the shop does show buttons "new variable" and "refresh". Why do I not have buttons on the home hub? Both are at

Are your hubs connected via HubMesh?

Yes they are. But I have no variables on the shop hub. I have a couple rule based variables on the home hub.

Shop hub

Home hub

I just can't help but imagine that connected hubs relegate all the handling of Hub Variables to one or the other, not both. Just a theory, and certainly not something I've ever seen documented anywhere.

@bravenel ?

HubMesh doesn't impact this at all. Both my meshed hubs have options to add NewVariable or Refresh. Try clearing the cache in your browser. Maybe rebooting the hub with missing options.

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I get the same results when I connect with my phone. Can't be cache related. The home hub is also the same one that refuses to show paused rules on apps page. Wondering if there is an issue with either software or hardware. Also, did a reboot and same issues.

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There is a known issue with a cache not clearing for the apps page, with a fix coming in the next release. We will look at whether that same issue might be a cause of the variables problem.