Global variable temperature offset

I want to store a temperature with and added offset to a global variable but canā€™t get it to work the way I think should work.

I have a temp sensor called ā€œBastu temperatureā€ and I have created a global decimal variable called ā€œBastutemperaturenā€.

My test RM looks like this:

As you can see the global variable get the value of the temp sensor but without the 13 degree increase. To me, Bastutemperaturen should be 86 (73+13).
My guess is that I have misunderstood the variable action

but if so, what is the offset used for?

I hope someone could give an answere for my first post. Would like to know what I did wrong/didnā€™t understand but as a ā€œworkaroundā€ this works...

I donā€™t think the row where I add 13 to the same variable should be necessary but maybe thatā€™s the way HE needs it to be?

This may be a bug. I will look into it.

Yes, there is a bug. Will investigate for fix... Ha! How about the code completely forgot to add the offset...

OK, this is fixed, and will be in the next release. In the meantime, the work-around you found is needed.


Thank you for looking into this and Iā€™m glad it wasnā€™t me that did something wrong, as it usually is. :slight_smile: