Gledopto Zigbee Plus 2.4G RGB+CCT Remote Control for Gledopto Zigbee Plus Products

The description of this is odd? I thought zigbee was backward compatible?

The $15 price tag is nice.

Anyone know more about it?

It's not actually a Zigbee remote. Their Zigbee plus product line has a regular 2.4ghz receiver in addition to zigbee, this remote just pairs with the 2.4ghz receiver for control.

"Zigbee Plus" isn't really a thing--that's this manufacturer's term for "Zigbee plus our own RF thing," as mentioned above. So there isn't even backwards compatibility to gauge at all here; you may be confusing this with "Z-Wave" vs. "Z-Wave Plus," where your thoughts are indeed true (and both are indeed actual things).

Ok thanks this seemed odd

I just got the GLEDOPTO starter kit inhouse from AliX, and this remote came with the kit. I also ordered the other option they have, found here:
The remote that is another option that can be selected under colors and type option.

Have not started to tinker with it yet, so will report back how I am able to use these remotes or not with HE directly or through the Hue bridge, which my son have in the game room. :wink:

Also got this one for the TV, so have some toys to try out next few days now :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

I have had some experience with the GLEDOPTO lamps and controller, and have to say, they are fast and OK. Not the brightest, but the do their job for the price. Color strenght do not give the same thump as the CT part, but the CT part actually get all the way down to 1500K. In the Generic driver, the lowest value is 2000K, so that is a bit bummer.

They connect like a dream to the HE, and all works great. Its also easy to connect the included remote that have 6 zones that can be individual controlled too.

So liking it so far, and all looks good with the integration with HE. No need to attach it to HUE to have them work.
Just a short update on the above post, for whom it might concern or like to know. :slight_smile:


Still happy with Gledopto bulbs? Do they are repeaters? Do they suffer of "bulb repeater syndrome"? what about their strength (12 w should be about 1200 lmn)?
Sorry to put so many questions all at the same time...

Yes, still happy with them, no problems what so ever.
They are not at powerful as the Yeelights, specially on color, but the warm white light they put out, is very nice. Dont use the color to much, but nice to have the option.
In the bedroom, its nice to use the red light to come on at 25% during sleep mode, not waking up the misses from beauty sleep...

The remote is a nice feature, and super easy to group to the bulbs, even if they are connected to HE.

Youtube Yelights too, might be a better option, if no remote is a must and you want more «umph» on the colors.

I just ordered some of these, but no experience with them yet. I aim for more non-colored lights, since I just do not use that part much at all. But, I really do not like LED lights over 3500-4000K, to avoid the hospital and dentist cold light effect. Not very cosy, at all:


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