Gledopto Zigbee Plus 2.4G RGB+CCT Remote Control for Gledopto Zigbee Plus Products

The description of this is odd? I thought zigbee was backward compatible?

The $15 price tag is nice.

Anyone know more about it?

It's not actually a Zigbee remote. Their Zigbee plus product line has a regular 2.4ghz receiver in addition to zigbee, this remote just pairs with the 2.4ghz receiver for control.

"Zigbee Plus" isn't really a thing--that's this manufacturer's term for "Zigbee plus our own RF thing," as mentioned above. So there isn't even backwards compatibility to gauge at all here; you may be confusing this with "Z-Wave" vs. "Z-Wave Plus," where your thoughts are indeed true (and both are indeed actual things).

Ok thanks this seemed odd