GLEDOPTO ZigBee 3.0 Mini 5 in 1 Controller

I picked up a few of these in the hopes of replacing some MagicHome based WiFi controllers that have consistently give me a fit.

The problem running into is getting it to set the color red properly. I keep getting some shade of yellow instead. I have it set to RGB mode and tried using all four of the generic ZigBee drivers with the same problem.

Could a couple channels be reversed? Maybe a bad connection somewhere?

In the past, I turned on one channel (Red in your case) and touched only common and R on the light strip to each RGB channel on the controller, (I.E. one wire on light strip to one terminal at a time on controller) and observed which channel was on. Repeat for each color on the controller, and see what happens.


I had an issue with using a GLEDOPTO controller, I have it as a red light in the bathroom at night.
I set it to red using the preselect colour choice in "Motion and Mode lighting apps" and the colour was a yellow green mix. I then set it to red using Hue value of 5 and saturation 100. The colour is red at night now.
That was my work around, hope it helps.

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Ah, I left some details out. Definitely wired up right. I was able to get one to go red after flipping between the colors a bunch. I also have one paired to my Hue bridge. From the Hue app, I'm able to get it to go red no problem using the color wheel.

That's exactly what I'm getting. Hopefully, I can find something besides a one-off to get it to work. I have something like 15 LED strips around the house that are grouped using the old Groups app with an RM rule to flip them between red and night and blue during the day. I may just have to dump them into Room Lighting.

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You use it pretty much as I do then, red at night and white during the day, when someone walks into the bathroom. Perhaps set the custom colour in RM when you have the rule fire off.
That is how I have it set in the rule I have firing.

I just picked one of these up. Paired very easily to HE. Using a cheap LED strip i bought online. The colors were off however. Then when i put the respective colored wires ( and black ) directly to my 12v supply...the green and red wire from my strip were inverted. Not the 1st time id seen this. I just re arranged the green and red and it seems to work fine. really liking the form factor off this controller. Very slim and it comes with a 12v standard wall wort pig tail so it can plug right in to a 12v supply. +1 for these if anyone is looking.

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instead of RGB use the RGBW driver.

I’ll try that but I what I meant was the strip that had the green wire connected directly to the power supply showed red lights. And the red wire connected to the power supply showed green lights. Not at home at the moment. But will look to see what driver I’m using.

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It had the advanced zigbee RGBW driver.
This isn’t an HE issue. Or a Gledopto issue. I think it’s a cheap led strip issue but either way the 5 in 1 Gledopto is working fine for colors once I swapped the red and green lines from the strip to the controller.
Have to admit. Really liking the 5 in 1. I just ordered 3 more of them.

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