Gledopto Smart RGBW Bulbs?

Has anyone had any experience with these bulbs. I have read in the forum about controllers made by that name but I couldn't find any info on bulbs. They are ZLL so they say they will work in the Hue Bridge. They are listed as compatible with hue. I don't know if they work with HE either. I am mostly wondering if they do include in the Hue bridge will you be able to select the power outage selections for these like you can for the hue bulbs?

Also has anyone heard if and when Hue is updating their hubs to Zigbee 3.0. An article I read said in 2018 but I don't see it yet.

I have 8 of their floodlights and they work fine with HE with the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver. Occasionally one will drop off for whatever reason, but a quick power flip usually fixes it. I've also heard of people running them on their Hue hubs as well, but they do not support the power outage selections as that is only supported by Hue bulbs.

I remember reading about it, but I don't think they've ever pushed that update.

@corerootedxb Thanks for the reply. That is too bad the power outage part doesn't work. I was looking at them as an alternative to the more expensive hue bulbs if they did.

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Philips is all about the $$$ and I don't think they are allowing any other ZLL Zigbee bulb manufacturers to utilize the power outage settings in the Hue hub.

Part of the reason I completely ditched my Hue system is because I was tired of the cost of bulbs. Sengleds (while not as rich color-wise) are a far cheaper option and rock solid in terms of performance.

Yes, I have a bunch of Sengleds. But when I saw that they all come back on after a power outage I started looking for something that does not. Hue seems to have a monopoly on that.

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I'm using a method similar to this: Power Failure Recovery via RM?

I put a bulb up in my attic (where I don't have to see it lol). If the power goes out, the light comes on. When the hub starts back up, it checks that bulb. If it's on, then a power outage occurred and it shuts off all the bulbs that are on except in the rooms where there is motion. Yeah, it cost me about $6 for the spare bulb, but I'm ok with that. :smiley:

I read about that idea. I was going to try it but then I remembered I have a bunch of goofy rules I created that when we leave on vacation or a trip it makes the house look lived in. I know, not much of a deterrent but Wife feels better. So if I have all the lights turn off there may be lights that were on do to the rules. Messes up the sequence of events.

I use the HUB location system start event and mode to either turn off/on lights

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PS I have 3 modes: day, evening lights on, night all lights off

I forgot all about the hub systemState event! I may have to change my rule to use that instead.

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Yeah, I have a bunch of the 12w model I got from AliExpress and I'm happy with them. They seem to repeat well, at least with the stuff that I have. And nice and bright. I did have 1 fail but managed to get the refund through the dispute process which was a surprise/bonus. Didn't try to connect them to Hue. I just use them connected directly to HE.

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I red just know about your experience. Do they are compatible repeater with xiaomi stuff?

They seem to be ok with my Xiaomi motion sensors, yes.

I too have a few of these. Also the LED strip with the black mincontroller works perfectly. Also red that the smart Led Controller(1 or 2 channels) also works great. I also use the remote on the bulbs and it interacts very good.
The remotes they have does not work on the small black led controller, but it does on the lager white once, just as a heads up on that.
Not as strong light on colors as the Yeelight bulbs, so have that in mind, but quite OK when using the lowest color temperature on 100% effect(White LED part, same on their LED strips).

@Angus_M just wanted to know what driver are you using for the 12w bulbs and how are you controlling the color etc?? Thanks I also like to know how they hold up for long period any issues?

I've moved all my lamps onto my Hue hub so that I keep these Zigbee devices on a separate mesh. It helped me resolve issues I was having before keeping the mesh healthy.

Hue is absolute rock solid, never any issues whatsoever. It's a class piece of hardware and software. I control them from HE of course using the Hue integration.

I've had no issues with the Gledopto lamps either. They work fine although as I think I've mentioned before their white performance/brightness is considerably better than their RGB brightness. I guess you get what you pay for :wink:

I brought a couple of them and really like them especially for the white performance/brightness as you stated. It seems like they are holding up and doing there job. I brought a Zigbee lock and was using it as a repeater for the lock and it has been stable since I added it a few day back. Thanks for the info.

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