GLEDOPTO - Model GL-C-007

I purchased a GIDEALED LED strip, model WG-WIFI-RGBW1904 from Amazon. I was running it over WiFi using the Magic Home app and Alexa.

Decided to start moving all my WiFi stuff over to Hubitat so I got the GLEDOPTO ZigBee controller and hooked it up. HE recognized it and set it up using the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver.

So the issue is that the GLEDOPTO is not changing the color correctly. I'm only getting red, green, and yellow.

Did I get the wrong controller or is there maybe a different driver I could try?

For reference:
The LED lights:
The controller:

As a side note, the Magic Home driver by @adamkempenich is working perfectly with HE and another other set of LEDs like the ones above, so thank you for that Adam. =)

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How do you have the controller wired into the LED strip? I have run across some LED strips that do not have the colors of the wires match up with the LEDs they actually control (but I have not bought GIDEALED brand before).

You are not getting anything at all on blue, correct? Have you tried putting one of the other colors into there (like the red one) just to test that?

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I have it wired according to the diagram on the controller. I did swap the LED strip back to the Magic Home controller and it displayed all colors, so I know the strip is good. However, I haven't tried swapping the wires around in the controller, I'll see what that does this evening. Thanks.

I had one of mine do this (not sure if it was Gledopto or a similar knockoff unit), and it was reversed label on the box compared to the actual wiring.

From memory, I think I had to turn on blue in Hubitat, and try to figure out which channel actually was outputting voltage by touching the blue strip wire to RGB terminals on the box one at a time. I repeated this for the other remaining colors.

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Turns out the controller I got was defective out of the box, blue channel was dead. Had some time to work on it last night and figured it out by switching the wires around as suggested by @snell.

Appreciate the help all.

Bummer. Hopefully they will have no issues replacing it. I have not had to use their service yet, so let us know how it goes.

I got it through Amazon so I've already setup the exchange, replacement should be here tomorrow.

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