Gledopto controller and cheap LED strip

What can I expect for my money?

I'm thinking about adding some LED strip lighting, and of course want to have the HE able to control it. I've seen several references to the Gledopto controller, and was wondering about the combination of these two:

and something like:

Firstly, will these two play nicely together, and if so, what can I expect? Does the whole strip show a single color, or can I control individual lights, in the style of a WS2812 based system, e.g. Adafruit neo-pixels.

The GLEDOPTO ZigBee controller will work just fine with Hubitat, I have a couple of those. Anything it controls will be a single color for the whole strip, it is NOT a WS2812-style control.

Those strips seem pretty generic and the GLEDOPTO should readily control them. The only thing I sometimes find with strips is that red/green might be swapped (not necessarily with these specific ones, just something I have stumbled on with cheap RGB strips). You would likely have to cut off the connector that the strips have so you can use the wires to go directly to the GLEDOPTO's terminals. So you should be comfortable doing that.

The only thing you would be missing out would be a White LED set with that strip. That controller is capable of RGB+CCT so it can do RGB + Correlated Color Temperature (basically can control two white LEDs in addition to the RGB so you could do almost any color and variation of white you might want). You can find LED strips that do that (or simpler RGBW which only includes 1 white LED, either cool or warm) but they are more expensive and usually use 24v.

The RGBW LED strips are usually a decent compromise if you still want something that can just do white (or a combination of) as long as you are good with either the cool white or warm white they usually can do easiest.

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Sounds good - thanks for the information.

WS2812 style would have been nice, but it's by no means a drop dead show stopper. One color for the entire strip will be fine.

That somewhat goes hand-in-hand with the lack of white LEDs, again that turns out to be an acceptable compromise. For the most part these will be used for "accent mood lighting", so they'll be showing various colors rather that being a source of "primary" illumination, which is where the whites would make sense.

I appreciate the warning about colors being switched. And I'm not at all afraid of using a soldering iron so fixing them won't be a problem if the issue arises.

No soldering iron fix needed. When you put the wires into a controller just do a test. If red comes on when you select green, swap the wires.

I (personally) have one type of LED strip capable of individual control over Z-Wave, the Inovelli LZW45. I also have a number of DIY projects I have made controlling WS2812 LEDs (both Pixels and strips) that are linked over the network to my Hubitat.

I wrote simple firmware for a ESP8266 controller and a simple driver that can control it from the Hubitat. There is also the WLED project that has a community driver for Hubitat as well. So it is possible to get as custom as you want depending on the level of effort.

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