GivEnergy Inverter into HE

I've just had a new PV system installed which uses a Giv Energy Inverter and Battery. The inverter has a nice API that can query their cloud services and there's also GivTCP which seems to be a local service that can run in a Docker container and provide MQTT/REST access. There's already an add on for Home Assistant but I would live to get it working in HE. I'm experienced with PHP but this is all new to me so it would be great if someone could give me a "starter for 10" on how to develop this. I assume that I need to get GivTCP running locally first since this will give me local access to the raw data then create an app for HE to query this data and display?


I've built some integrations between GivTCP and HE for my own use. I built an app which will set the overnight charge level based on the following day's forecast. This saves me a fair bit of money in conjunction with Octopus Go (cheap overnight rates).

I have also built an integration which exposes the power values and battery charge. I'll put that on github this weekend and you can feel free to use that or fork it, or just use it as an example :slight_smile:

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That would be epic. We're on a fixed commercial tariff (I own a small B&B) and have most of our energy use between 7am - 11am and 5pm - 10pm. I'm mostly interested in the PV generation values and the battery status so I can use HE to utilise any excess generation during the day once the battery is full instead of feeding it to the grid for pennies. Forking your code would be a great start for me. Thanks!

I've uploaded the GivEnergy Connect app:

Let me know if you've got questions. Good luck!

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I'll take a look at this tomorrow and see what happens! Thanks.