Give Alexa some Googliness

If you don't own a Google Home and your kids are tired of Alexa not being able to answer their questions, this guide will walk you through setting up Google Assistant on Alexa, so you can say "Alexa, Ask Google" and get your answer (maybe).

It's all cloud to cloud, so there's no local server required. I'm not going to lie that it wasn't a slog to setup. It took me several tries to get it right, but now it works well, and I can ask any Echo in the house to Ask Google to get some information for me.

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Got kinda excited.. then started scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through the guide and got intimidated. :slight_smile:

Hopefully one day it would be easier.

:joy: It takes a good hour to get through it. Very good instructions though. Nothing out of date.