Github question: How to only show some repos to public?

My github is mostly filled with forks of other people's work that I forked either with intentions of working on, or just so I wouldn't misplace the link for something liked.

I now want to share some code publicly, and tried to set things up so that people can only see what i want, but I apparently cannot make fork-ed code private.

What is the "right" way to properly set this up?

I'm not sure of the "right" approach, but what you can do is set up multiple organizations under your Github account, and then move your forks into those. This lets you organize where your repsos. You can keep your own personal code in your Github account under no organization, or put them in a separate organization.

With a free Github account you can have multiple organizations.

If you go to top-level (not your repo page), on the upper left will be your username, with a down delta ("v") at the end, click that and select "+ Create organization". Alternately, you can do it via your profile settings (see Creating a new organization from scratch - GitHub Docs).

I started using Github organizations back in the SmartThings days. The problem was that Github only lets you have a single clone of a repo, yet many developers on SmartThings would clone the main repo and then add their SmartApp or Driver into the clone. I learned that you could make a more than one clone of the same repo by putting it into another organization (of which I'm the only member). This is why I have 7 organizations with (now dead) SmartThings code. (*)

You can create the organization with whatever name, but I put mine as "username-purpose".

Just a note: if you move your existing clones from you main profile into a new organization, it's effectively renaming the repo and Github will warn you. If you are accessing that repo remotely (e.g., a local copy on your computer), you just need to update the URL on your local copy. Otherwise there is no harm no matter what the warning says.

E.g., you can see all my Hubitat repo clones at the organization loverso-hubitat ยท GitHub.

(*) note to self: I really should clean them up, but think of the historical value.


this is what i was looking for thanks!