Github Integration

Any roadmap for this @patrick.stuart


We have no plans to do a github integration directly on the hub. We do have some ideas on how we might do it better though. Nothing on the immediate horizon.


Ok... that would be a great help when updating device and app code.

Was just thinking about this when I saw this thread - GitHub would be great, but (at least for me - having my feet still in the smartthings ecosystem) the important but is having a relatively quick and simple way to update device handlers and smart apps without having to copy/paste code.

More importantly, (I can get over the copy/paste bit) knowing that there's an update. Sure, I can 'watch' GitHub via various means externally, but something like what RBoy apps/device handlers does with update notifications would be a great answer.

To that last part - is that something implementable by the author of said app/device handler, or do those sort of functionalities not exist yet in HE?

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Cobra has made an excellent prototype of versioning that I've since splattered into serveral Apps and Drivers I care about.




It works by developers putting a versions.json file somewhere and having the driver or app compare the values. It's simple and effective. github makes a good place for the json file too.

he's put the prototypes in his repository:


Just implemented this in my apps. Thanks @csteele !

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+1 on the GitHub. Eventually. Medium-low priority in my book.

+1 Just starting out and it would be much easier to get everything loaded. Copying the raw code is POA, IMHO. I'd say Medium to Medium-High. Might be a selling point to attract more folks from ST too.

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Agreed. Naively, it seems like it should be straightforward enough - whatever trigger CI systems use to know when HEAD changes to a new commit could cause the hub to, depending on settings, either sync the code immediately or just flag the app for an update.

So no GitHub.

Where do we go to get the baseline device drivers or templates. Also is there a place that people can share their device drivers. This was pretty easy with GitHub.

Hubitat native drivers and apps are not open source. They do have a few examples posted in there public GitHub repository.

And the Hubitat Community has a public GitHub repository at

And there a lot of users have public repos as well, that you’ll find by browsing through various topics here in the forums. Usually the first post of a community developed driver or app will include a link to their repository, or the actual code may be pasted into the forum post.

You can now, as of v2.x firmware, use a http url to import code into a new driver or app, or to update one.

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Cool, I didn't know about the HubitatCommunity GitHub.

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There isn't anything there worth learning from.

SmartThings had more to offer.

@Cobra has a very good website for his apps.

I have given a few suggestions how a similar idea could be used as a community drivers and apps store.
With additional notifications from the site each user on the website could track their own downloaded apps. When an update would be available than they could copy the link from the update from there to the HE hub and voila.

I would like to request/suggest to @Cobra for him to consider open his website to other users in the community to host their apps and drivers there.

There will be hosting fees and maintenance fees for this infrastructure so I also believe that it should be a subscription service let's say a 1,99€ fee a year to access the platform. Just a suggestion though :wink:

As I have said before, this website was created for me by @Royski to host my apps & drivers.
I don't envisage it ever being 'opened up' for other developers.
I'm sure the HE guys have something in mind.
As always, it will be revealed when it is revealed. :slight_smile:


Fair enough mate take care

Would love to see Github integration. Both being able to push to a personal repo, but also easily being able to pull updated drivers/apps from github (similar to ST)


would be great to have a simple 'what's installed and check for updates' kind of thing...

I dont mind doing a manual copy/paste, but this would help a lot....

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I came to Hubitat from SmartThings because ST_Anything is supported on Hubitat.
I was very disappointed to see I would have to cut and paste all the drivers since there is no github integration like on SmartThings. This will make it hard to know when ST_Anything drivers have been updated on github. Even more disappointed to hear there are no plans to implement github integration on Hubitat on the future.


Well, the good news is that I rarely update HubDuino drivers... :wink: They just work and work and work...

You can also use the IMPORT feature as opposed to copy and paste to update the drivers, if you see me post an update in the HubDuino thread.

Since I so rarely change these drivers these days, I have not been to eager to add them to the Hubitat Package Manager.