Giderwel / Gledopto RGBCCT 2-ID Controller

I bought the Giderwel / Gledopto RGBCCT 2-ID Controller and strip, trying to use it with HE. But only one of the two IDs ever joins; always the RGB one. I cannot control the white LEDs at all.

Has anyone gotten this working? Or have a better LED Strip suggestion for HE?

Oh bum. That's annoying. I have 1 of these on order too.

Ordered one gledopto (looks absolutely similar to yours) and setup correctly with the help of @Ryan780.
Look there, maybe this will help you for the right setup :

It's not the same controller. This is the RGB+CCT, which should show as two units, not one. He's talking about the RGB+W+C, which shows as a single unit. This controller handles the white (warm and cool) separately from the RGB.

Hmm, I understand now (new to led strips), HE will normally find 2 different zigbee units for this controller, right ? Thus able to control both, at the same time if necessary, with 2 different zigbee units... You're right, on mine, I can switch from color (led set 1) to temperature (led set 2), but not at the same time.

So it seems the 1-ID will work but the 2-ID won't support the white channel? Damn. Maybe someone (a lot) smarter than me can tweak the driver to get it working!

I don't think it's the driver, but rather the Hubitat's discovery code. It may be single-threaded and blocking the second device's discovery while processing the first one?

I submitted a ticket this weekend to Hubitat on this. How long typically before they get to it? (I ask because SmartThings never looked at tickets, so curious as to whether it was an exercise in futility.)

Huh?, I've never seen a Zigbee device that presents it self and joins as two separate and independent zigbee nodes, how are we coming to the conclusion that the device operates this way?

Huh?, I've never seen a Zigbee device that presents it self and joins as two separate and independent zigbee nodes, how are we coming to the conclusion that the device operates this way?

Well, you could follow the link in the original post, to the product page which clearly states, "For RGBW/RGBW devices you will find two SSIDs. One for white/warmwhite, the other for RGB.".
Their support also states so, as do the comments and the manual.

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yeah, I could along with all the other things I have to do...
In short, we/I already have a number of devices in Q that aren't implemented in some bizarre fashion, those are going to take precedence...

How do you take this as "bizarre", other than not having seen it before? It's just presenting two devices for discovery, which apparently the other hubs handle well but not HE.

I would suspect that this won't be an edge case for long, if it even is now. Complex devices will wind up presenting as several, and if HE is crapping out where other hubs work on this, what makes you confident this isn't just a firmer exposure of an underlying bug that, once fixed, will clear up multiple issues?

sure we can start there, having written dozens of ground up zigbee drivers from dozens of different manufacturers, I can say this is bizarre.

There is flat out no reason on gods green earth to implement a device this way, zigbee provides 8 bits of endpoint address space specifically for this reason.

So yeah, I'm not going to spend much time right now figuring out how to accommodate this device.

Hubitat is able to join multiple.devices simultaneously tho, right? I've seen that mentioned before and is apparent in the join page. So it seems strange to me that this single device with 2 ID's isn't able to be seen by the system.

My guess is that it's presenting both too closely together and Hubitat HE is temporarily not listening right upon receiving one new device. It's not terribly important though, given that @mike.maxwell has stated it won't get supported. I'll find a different strip controller.

Yeah, it's a shame because I have one about to be delivered so it's bucks down the drain. Sigh. I bought it upon seeing a positive comment on the forum but now we find this issue with the 2-ID one. May try the 1-ID one instead. The saving grace is they are quite cheap anyway.

@mike.maxwell So one big advantage of the Giderwel / Gledopto 2-ID Controller approach, over the RGBGenie 1025 approach, is that the Giderwel allows full control of the white channels distinct from the RGB channel. You can toggle which white (cool vs warm) is on, and how bright.

The RGBGenie only supports four, not five, channels, so there is no "toggle" option anyhow, but it also cannot have just the RGB on, without the white. The Giderwel can.

None-the-less, I've switched to the RGBGenie and compatible strips, to be HE compatible. But, for future support...

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According to this YouTube it looks like Hue supports the 2-ID unit...

"Just a few words" taking over four minutes! Sheesh!

TL;DR: SmartThings doesn't see the 2 IDs either, but if you spring more for the Hue, you can get there. Uggah.

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Yeah. Will try to source a cheap 2nd Hue Hub v2.1 off eBay. Actually the hub is a lot cheaper than the shipping to Asia sigh. Or maybe @mike.maxwell will recant his hatred of poorly implemented Zigbee protocols and get these working with Hubitat eventually! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unlikely I think :smile: