Ghosts? Nothing to be worried about?

I've had a Hubitat installed for several years, but I'm a pretty low-level user (doors, windows, some accent lights -- maybe 25 z-wave/zigbee devices altogether). I just recently upgraded from a C5 to a C8, which turned out to be pretty easy and I love the additional z-wave information I get.

However, the Z-Wave Details page lists two things I'm not sure what to do about. They could be things I've unplugged/replaced at some point, or something else. I think the hub is seeing all of the devices I have.

I've tried both "refresh" and "discover" with no change in the status. Should I be concerned about it? Maybe just let it ride since it doesn't appear to be affecting anything?

Thanx much from a novice user!

Those definitely look like ghosts. Believe me, you don't want those hanging around.

Are these the only two ghosts that are in your z-wave mesh?

If you cannot get them out easily, I'm going to say that you can leave them. They're ghosts corresponding to battery-powered binary sensors. As such, the hub will not use them as repeaters, so they aren't really going to interfere with mesh function in a big way. And as binary sensors (contact or motion?), they're typically not receiving large amounts of configuration commands from the hub, or sending a high volume of data like an energy meter would.

0x15 is probably a failed pairing of 0x16. Is 0x18 also a binary sensor? If it is, then 0x17 is a failed pairing of that sensor.

You can try removing the battery from 0x16 and then try "Discover" on 0x15 and see if ultimately gives you an option to remove it.

Thanx for the prompt reply.

Yes, both 16 and 18 are Aeon recessed door sensors. I'm guessing that one of the two ghosts was another door sensor that went bad recently...I couldn't get it to work, even with a new battery. So I force-removed it. I had another door sensor go bad awhile ago (last year), and replaced it with a different type. That may be the other one. My window sensors are the older triangle-shaped Aeotec type.

By coincidence, I decided to continue to "modernize" my system and replace all of my contact sensors (door and window) with Zooz Zse41s. I just received four of them for my doors, and will start with that. I'll be sure that I exclude the old recessed sensors when I do that, and maybe that will allow me to finally get rid of the ghost devices since there won't be any of those sensors left at all.

By your response, it appears that I can't force-remove the ghosts (I guess that makes sense because the devices page wouldn't even show them). I assume that just doing a Z-Wave repair a few times wouldn't help, right?

I'm very glad that I upgraded to C8, because I can now see what's going on much better. I'll keep plugging away and learning as I go!

  • Do a proper hub shut down
  • Remove power for 10-30 seconds
  • Power back up
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Open the logs in a new tab to check later
  • Press the REFRESH button ONCE on one of the ghost nodes
  • Wait for the page to refresh itself
  • Check for REMOVE button under that device now.
    • If not, try Refresh again (up to 5 times).
  • Press Remove once and Wait.
  • Watch logs for any errors from remove process.

Sometimes this will not even work and they are stubborn.
There is an entire thread and guide dedicated to this subject: How To: Remove Z-Wave Ghosts using a UZB Stick

Thank you very much, jtp. I'll go through this process, and get a UZB stick if necessary, following that thread. Thanx again.

I do agree with @aaiyar that they are probably harmless and could stay there, but annoying none-the-less. A UZB stick is pretty cheap and will probably come in handy for other things as well.