Ghost RM rule?

I have a series of errors in the logs from a small test app I deleted a few days ago. If I click on the log entry I get an error message. I was going to do a soft reset and restore, assuming this is database corruption, but thought I would seek wise counsel first.

Check your scheduled jobs (Logs | Scheduled Jobs) may have one left over from the app.

Hmm great suggestion but alas no scheduled events for the app.

APP 2968? Can you substitute that ID in a working Rule Machine URL and maybe it will bring up the offending/Ghost Rule that you can take care of?

Well... it didn't bring up the rule but it did give me an error message similar to the one I posted, but with a gearbox in the corner! I was able to click on the gearbox and delete the child app. And in doing so I realized it wasn't a RM app at all but rather a scene. Must have somehow gotten corrupted. Thanks for the pointer!