GFCI outlet recommendation

Looking for a GFCI outlet to replace an outdoor plug.
Went through the compatible device list and didn't see any -
Can anyone point me to a suggestion? TIA

I'm not aware of any HA capable GFCI devices.
you could replace the breaker with a GFCI unit, then use any number of controllable outlets.


To add to what @mike.maxwell said, you could also use a WR GFCI and plug in a controllable outlet into it. Or expand the box to double gang, and stick an in-box controlled receptacle on the load side of the GFCI.


explains my trouble finding one. I think short solution is keep the GFCI outlet- get a better box around it and use something like this


Just a note if you are not familiar with GFCI receptacles. They are designed to protect down stream fixtures. Its both safe and legal to do so. You will find instructions on how to connect down stream fixtures in the box with every GFCI.


I put a new 20A line outside this year for a 1hp pump. I used a zen26 to control a contactor that switches power to the 20A rated GFI.