Getting status of my Lytmi (Tuya enabled) device back to Hubitat

I have a Lytmi Neo immersive sync box for TV lighting. I have tinkered enough to know that I can turn it on via a virtual contact switch in Hubitat that triggers an Alexa routine that will use the Tuya interface and turn the device on and off. What I really need is a way to get status feedback from the Lytmi Neo device back to Hubitat. I also use an AppleTV and I would love to get that status back but I can't figure that out either. What I am aiming to do is that when the TV/AppleTV/Lytmi Neo device comes on or off to trigger a switch in Hubitat. Then I could turn certain other lighting off or on in the Living Room. I have Homebridge and of course Alexa among other integrations that may be a mechanism, I just haven't found the solution. It seems like a simple task but I cannot get over the hurdle. Any help?

Do you need to know when all 3 come on?

I have the same 3 devices. What I do is control the TV/AppleTV with my harmony remote and my Lytmi vial Alexa with a virtual switch. Because of this, I know when either device is on. However, the virtual switch would also enable me to know when the Lytmi is on, and trigger other automation. I don’t have a Tuya device - how does that fit into the mix in your setup?

Another option that some use is to plug their TV into a power monitoring plug. They they can use the power draw to determine if it is on or off.

@Sebastien Do you get feedback from Alexa to the virtual switch showing the status of the Lytmi? When I turn it on manually (it comes on when the AppleTV comes on) the virtual switch isn't changing.

I had intended to have an Alexa routine triggered when it turned on and off, but unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t currently support Lytmi as the trigger for a routine. I suppose that I could plug it into a power monitoring plug to detect if it’s on or off, but up to now, I only control it with Hubitat and that has been working out for me.

I see. That coincides with my experience as well. My wife doesn't use Hubitat to turn on HER TV and immersive lighting. She wants the other ambient lights that exist on the TV and console to go off when she turns on the TV and Lytmi. Funny how the automation is a necessity now :rofl: I could try the power meter method and see if that yields what I (she) needs. Thanks for the idea !

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