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I recently replaced an ADT system with a “stand alone security system.” My expectation was that it would be relatively simple to find another “stand alone system” to control the “orphaned” z-wave in-wall switches and outlets. While I believe Hubitat might be such a thing, I am in need of guidance.
I was able to successfully add switches and an outlet to the ADT system but have not been as fortunate with the “C 7” model. I have watched several tutorials on connecting my existing devices and just recently received an on screen message advising that “the Hubitat Dashboard is not installed on your hub.” I have found the hub using the “find” feature from the internet and after agreeing to terms have searched for z-wave devices but none show up.
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Click Apps in the left menu. Notice that Dashboards are not in the List. Click "Add Built-In App" on the top, right and in the resulting list, you'll find "Hubitat Dashboard" (alphabetical at H)

ZWave and Zigbee devices are not "found" in the sense you seem to be using. You have to Exclude them (to release them from their previous Hub/Controller) and then Include them via Device Discovery on Hubitat. You'll need to follow the manufacture's directions for going into Exclude or Include for each device. Sometimes it's just "Click Top Button" but other manufacturers make you do an involved dance. :slight_smile:

What brand/model # zwave switches and outlets? As long as they are standard zwave and not some proprietary ADT nonsense it should be more or less straightforward to do what you intend.

Thanks for a quick reply. I deleted the devices from the ADT hub, tried to exclude them from Hubitat before attempting to search/discover them on Hubitat. I have also used the factory reset sequence on the GE Jasco devices and still nothing.
Thanks again for helping me locate the Dashboard template.

I purchased the GE Jascodevices at Lowe’s.

Here’s a quick list of supported devices and a short version of the include / reset instructions.

Sometimes it’s helpful to check and see if the process you’re following is the same as the one outlined here.

I have the same outlets and they work fine with HE. I had some of the switches and I ended up replacing them with Lutron Caseta throughout the house but they did work ok when I had them, more or less.

A lot of times when Zwave devices fail to to register completely they leave what we can. “Ghost devices.” They show up in your Zwave details page but they are nonfunctional. They can cause problems including. The easiest way to check is to post a snapshot of your Zwave details page. Removing them can be a bit of a chore and that may very well not be the issue but if you have followed the include instructions for your devices and none of them are including properly we should probably take a look just to make sure.

Brad, thanks much for your reply. Can you provide help on a fee basis by phone? If not, can you point me in the direction of a company that does support on the basis of an hourly rate.


Sorry, Fred. Really not something I want to do myself. Since HE is usually a DIY product most of us here do it as a hobby but the folks at Hubitat might be able to provide you with companies that do it.

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