Getting specific with HTTP get/post commands/requests

Spent some time poking around and a lot of the examples up here seem to hint at it, but don't quite get me what I'm looking for.

I would like to be able to send a http request and get a specific attribute - for example, I want to get the status of the switch attribute of a color temp light before sending it the 'level' or 'colorTemperature'. That may not be the best example, but I've done the documented command via url:

I forgot what 'someid' represents, but I have said ID and the above command works fine, but it returns me a 100 line json output - which does include the data I want... but this is going to a particle photon which while plenty capable, I'd rather not get bogged down parsing stuff if there's a quicker way to get to the specific attribute, ideally cutting down on the turnaround/lag etc.

I can post the json output, its just.. long.. Figured I'd give everyone's scrolling finger(s) a break :stuck_out_tongue:

Worth noting - I'm not even remotely an expert in anything, I've just snagged a few keywords and acronyms and some basic concepts (I think)

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Almost forgot - in the spirit of trying to keep things local, I'm trying to avoid using the particle webooks in the cloud. I may still publish to them, but that'd be entirely for debugging reasons - or maybe something that I want to interact with things that isn't local - suffice to say:

if(connected)publish, else(ohwell, moving on)

I'll take that as a no...

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