Getting logged out every day

On the beta mobile app, with a Galaxy S9 that is running Android Pie. Almost every day (5+ times a week), the app logs me out, and subsequently stops presence sensing.

Same here on ios 12.2 iPhone 7. Also when it lists the mobile devices the loading spinner doesn't stop. I have to kill the app and reopen

I've noticed this several times now where I go to open the app and I need to log in. A bit concerning since this is what I use for alerts...

This keeps happening to me. I was successfully using the geo fencing to track when everyone was home but this has now become a bit of a back burner type of thing.

I have noticed that a lot of apps when updated force a new login? Is that happening here or is it something else?

This happened to me again today. Makes relying on the iOS app for presence risky.

Bump on this one. Does anyone know why the hubitat app would log my family members out routinely? Does an IOS update cause the app to be logged out as there have been a lot of those recently.

Same here.

This is frustrating. I have an alarm set to go off when I am home. At 1:30 am it kicked me out and I almost didn’t get up... any idea for a fix?

Yup it also fails to set my alarm system, and worse still arms it whilst somebody is still home if their presence was away when the app failed.