Getting kicked out of hub

When I log into the hub while at home to work on making rules, or adding new devices, etc. I am constantly getting kicked out and sent back to the search for local hub screen. Any ideas why?

I don't know if this would help but I was having roughly the same issue kept going to the login screen. I clear the cache on my browser and that seemed to fix it all is working good now hope that this helps if you haven't tried it already.

I have not tried that but will give it a go tomorrow

When you "log in" do you go to or directly to the IP of your hub?

Are you using the Hubitat app?

I'm not sure about "best practices", but I would use a browser to "admin" the hub, not the app. In fact I recommend using a browser in "private/incognito" to avoid the cache issues. In my experience it works better.

I only use the app on my phone for cloud dashboards, and setting Geo fence.

What cache issues are you referring to?

I have just been using the app. I will try the browser route also

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