Getting fed up with hubitat

Its such a husstle to set up a dimmeable bulb to dim up and down??? In the 21 st century. Im trying to make dimmable lights with all sort of buttons for months so far. have Hue dimmer. have sonoff button and have tuya scene controller. Not able to set up bloody bulbs to dimm. So annoying !!!

How are you trying to set this up? Button Controller would be a good place to start if you haven't tried. Also, what are you trying to do? Dim to a specific level? Ramp the level up or down while a button is held? Both are totally possible in Hubitat; it's just a matter of what your devices (both the bulbs or dimmers and the buttons) support. Someone can help you get it figured out if you share a bit more information.

i have hue bulbs and tasmota bulbs none of works. tried buttons dimmers hold to dimm none worked. Tried button controllers as well no difference to the rule machine. dont work

ABC button controller works great with my hue dimmer

Does your button device support both held and released events? Do your bulbs support smooth dimming? If so, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to make this work. Here's an example from one of my button controller child apps.

If your button doesn't support held and released events, then you will not be able to achieve smooth dimming, but you will be able to push the button and dim a specified percentage, then release and push again to raise or lower some more.

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hue dimmer surely. the tuya probably not. but when i say dimm up or dimm down in rules nothing happens

Could you show a screen shot of the bulb device details? If for example there is no way to push a start level change up/down button in the driver, or a dim up or dim down button, then it's not going to be possible. I have Insteon devices that work great in Hubitat, but I cannot smooth dim them from Hubitat because they can only accept a dim level momentarily sent to them and then the hardware moves the light to that level, not the hub.

To make them slightly less annoying to dim, I have used Advanced Button Controller and set them to dim 10% when a button is pushed and another 10% when held. I can't recall why I didn't do this in Button Controller. Probably will work there too, but I think at the time I set it up, that particular function was working better in ABC (can't totally recall the reason to be honest).

hue bulbs have start / stop level change in the device section but they dont react to it

Are your Hue bulbs directly joined to the hub, or are they connected via the Hue Integration?

No. Directly to Hubitat.

Which driver are you using?

generic zigbee bulb

If these are Hue White Ambiance and not the Hue RGB bulbs, then change it to Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev), press Save Device and then press the Configure button in the device details.

That is the listed driver for that bulb when connected directly.

still doesnt react to start / stop level change

Tagging @mike.maxwell, but I would suggest you remove the bulb from your hub by pressing the Red Remove button in the device details, reset the bulb and try pairing it again. All Hub bulbs are dimmable by Hubitat. There isn't a reason this shouldn't be working from the driver. Sounds like something in the pairing didn't go right for whatever reason.

specifically which device are you having issues with?, you can find the model and manufacturer in the data section of the driver.

Have you set a transition time under preferences? I hade an issue with one of my bulbs and it turned out that setting needed to have a value. After selecting 1 sec it worked as it should.