Getting a daily temperature notification

I am trying to get a daily temperature notification from a single device. I don't know if I am overlooking it but I can't seem to get it to turn out. I have tried both the notifications app and also rule machine. I am able to send a notification if the device falls out of a certain range but I don't see the option to simply get temperature notification at a certain time of the daily. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

A possibility in RM, the trigger would be "At a certain time".

The action would be to capture the temp and send the notification. You get the temp from the device attribute. Temp is a decimal so you need a decimal variable to capture it.


I tried something like that but it didn't give me the temperature. It was just a null value. I'll try this tomorrow. Thanks.

If you experience any issues with your rule It will help if you post a similar screenshot to @terminal3. As the saying goes.... A picture tells a thousand.... :slight_smile:

Your example worked. This is what I needed. Thanks for your help!


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