Get c7 or usb stick for my C5

I'm starting to move my devices from wink to C5 (which I had bought a year ago) and just now figured out that i have to add a USB stick to get Zwave. Should I buy a USB stick (at this point, I just have the schlage locks that I want to add), pr buck up and get the C7?

if usb stick, any recommendations? thanks.

The C-5 came with a builtin ZWave radio on the US frequency OR an external for the desired frequency OR no external USB Stick. Your purchase has already dictated what to do, I think.

The price of a stick is $35 and up, while a C-7 is much more. Your budget should dictate that answer. :smiley:

The C-7 has a 'worldwide' ZWave radio built in and you will select it during the initial setup.


No you don't. If you had a Wink hub with z-wave devices, then all your z-wave devices use the North American z-wave frequency (908.42 MHz), and as such, are compatible with the built-in z-wave radio in the C5.


Ah thanks so much for clearing that up. Not sure where I got confused.. TMI!

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