Geolocation is changed to the phones location if I have to re-login to the app when not at home

Hi, I first raised this issue back in Nov 2020, it has never been resolved, I've just worked around it. However we are now holidaying in Western Australian, 4000klm from our home in Sydney. Due to lack of mobile & Wifi in our accomodation, my wifes app logged out. She has a Samsung S10. So I logged back in, fogetting my last experience. And sure enough the app set my wifes location as Hyden Western Australia, & therefore her home location, & when the geoevent was sent & guess what the HSM disarmed, & her garage door opened. Luckily we where in the hotel with good wifi, or I wouldn't have been able to shut the door.
As we are now 4 hours from Hyden, my wife's now knows she no longer at home in Hyden so it says shes away.
Does anyone know how to fix this. Clearly the Hubitat App is incorrect in setting your home location at the location you log into the app??? I previously suggested that the Hub should dictate the home location, not the phone.


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