Geofencing reliability

Some of yesterday and lots of times overnight last night, mine & my wife’s IPhones kept triggering leaving and arriving back in our large geofence area, causing the SHM to arm and disarm continuously, this isn’t ideal as it’s setting armed away whilst we’re in the house, or disarming home mode because it thinks we’ve arrived back home from somewhere. Both phones are checked for having background app refresh etc on.

Is this a Hubitat app issue or is it the rumoured aggressive app killing of IOS 13.2?

Any help appreciated as the SHM automation that was removed from SmartThings is what brought me to Hubitat, but this is just unusable.

Greater reliability can usually be gained by combining several ‘presence’ Apps such as adding Locative to the regular HE App.
Unless both Apps register your out of the geofence then nothing should trigger.

I wish HE could add wifi connection as presence detector aswell. You know - I am on wifi, therefore I am home. Simple.

Coming to think of it, there might be some way how to do it with tasker maybe?

I use this, originally created for iPhones but works with android phones too.

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oh, thats awesome, had no idea it works for android aswell. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also it’s not actually that simple. iPhones especially can complicate things because they disconnect from WiFi after the phone is asleep for 10-15 mins.

Luckily I am android user, which allows me to customize such things :slight_smile: But thx for warning.

I will use it with conjunction with geofencing for increased reliability.

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Working great here on two Samsung S8's. Thanks!

The first thing I did when I installed that app was rename it to remove that wretched moniker of iPhone from my system :wink:

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