Geofencing not working in 1.5.3

Ever since I upgraded my Android app to 1.5.3, it hasn't updated my phone's presence correctly. The debug info shows that it knows when it is or isn't in the geofence, but it never reports that back to the hub. I tried manually setting my phone to Away (while I'm at home) and pressing "Send Geo Event" -- that doesn't change the device's status back to Home.

EDIT: Geofencing was working perfectly before I upgraded my Android app, and I was on the latest platform ( with both the old and new Android app versions.

Has anybody else seen this issue?


I use LIfe360 but Hubitat presence is enabled on my phone.
I don't normally look at the geofence logs but I just had a boo and it's all Fails for days on end.
"Failed to Check cloud presence. Unable to resolve host"
Or error retriving (not my spelling) refresh token
Or UnknownHostExecption: Unable to resolve host.
Don't know of these have anything to do with going from Wifi to cell and back daily.

I had the same problem and started a thread a day or two ago, its working today but not sure why.

Following the app update, I had the same issue. I rebooted my phone (Android) and it began working again.

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That was the first thing I tried, didnt work for me but a good first step for someone troubleshooting.

It didn't work for me either. Removing the app and reinstalling 1.5.1 did.

How can I reinstall 1.5.1 or 1.5.2 ?
ive rebooted the phone, the hub, forced stopped the app - signed in, signed out. Nothing gets it to work again.

You need to find it on a 3rd party site that hosts old apks

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I had the same issue. All I did to fix it was force close the app and clear the app's cache. When I started the app back up, it was working again.

That didn't work for me. I summarized my findings here:

I have also noticed erratic/inconsistent behavior with presence detection since updating the mobile app. It wasn't exactly rock solid before, but it did eventually properly figure out where I was. With the update, I have left and come back and it never knew I was gone.

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Yep, same here. I have 2 phones (Android 11/Pixel 3a's) that haven't logged events since last Tuesday when the app updated to 1.5.3 (I believe). -Joel

Edit: The "Send Geo Event" action doesn't send an event as well.

@bobbyD Any help?

same for me - pixel 3, hasnt worked at all since the update.
logged in and out, force closed, tried everything with it

Noticed today that presence was stuck, found this thread and clearing app cache worked: closed app, cleaed cache, reopened. App correctly caught up.

Thanks for the info, but that didn't work for me unfortunately. Up until this point, phone presence has worked perfectly. I have resorted to removing our phones out of automations and just using our ST fobs. -Joel

I tried clearing the cache as well but still every debug line says "Unable to resolve host....." now.

Same erratic behaviour here with my Pixel 5 and my wife's iPhone 12.

My phone stopped working yesterday afternoon and started working again this morning, despite me leaving and entering the geofence several times in the meantime.

My wife's iPhone is even worse. Stopped working yesterday morning and still not working this morning.

It used to be reliable with previous versions of the app.

Also reporting here that it's not working

Edit: Force stopping and clearing cache has resolved this for me on Android (Pixel required me to do this twice in order to update presence). Haven't tested iOS yet.

Well, this morning after my initial post I logged out of the app, deleted my cell in the console and uninstalled/reinstalled the app on my phone. When I logged back in the app created another instance of my phone so I renamed it to my friendly name. Then I left the house and returned several times and still no other events except for the initial recreation of my phone instance. -Joel

Also having the same issue with the same log messages.