Geofence timing. Quick to report arrived, slow to report away

I am going back to trying the Geofencing option on the Hubitat app again. Since I last tried it I find it improving. When entering back into the geofence the reaction is quick, usually 10 to 20 seconds. But on leaving it the time to report being away can be several minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes. Is there a way to shorten this delay? I already have the geofence set to the smallest allowed.

I use the presence governor app, which seems to help. I also use amazon Alexa geofence down the street to trigger an away rule. That seems to reduce the interval for me.

Thanks for the tips. I had been using Tasker and triggering when going out of range from my home WiFi which works within 10 seconds. I was hoping the Hubitat app had gotten the home/away geofencing section nailed down by now. I can't figure why my arrival detection is so much quicker than the departure unless it's because some people's phone GPS aren't accurate and drift causing false departures? It would be nice to have an adjustable presents delay like they do one SmartThings. That way if people have accurate GPS they could shorten the departure delay.

My gut says it's because false positives are really negative, and you want to be really sure they are away. Ie if you are "away" and you house lights go off or your alarm system is armed. It's a real pain to deal with that because your phone blipped on wifi etc.

That's why I really like the 2nd geo zone(s) if you pass though the one up the street in my case, I can be 100% sure I've left and I hit it quickly.