Geofence stopped working

Hello all,

I saw another user post that they were having a similar issue. Geofencing in the app is no longer working for me. If I adjust the size of the geofenced area, the app seems to immediately send an update, but it only works that one time. It had been working for a week or so prior to this.

I've tried rebooting my phone, and that didn't help. Is there anything else I should try? I understand Geofencing functionality on a phone is a tricky thing balancing functionality and battery life, but it was working better before. I'm on a Pixel 4a if that matters.

I know people are using the combination apps that combine the data from more than one sensor, and that's great and all, but since the app is already on my phone, and my phone is already on my WiFi when I'm home, could functionality be added to the app such that:

  • Phone Wifi Status changes / app is made aware

  • app checks if the SSID of WiFi is the one selected as "Home" WiFi or some such thing.

  • Geofence update is sent automatically to help speed up detection of location

It seems like that might be easy enough to do and would benefit geofence update times.


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