Geofence is wrong

Hi folks,

I have 4 hubs spread across 3 geographically different locations. Geolocations for each hub are correctly set in the hub details page.

In the Hubitat iOS app (v 1.2.9 fresh off the App Store), only one hub’s (my 2nd hub) geofence is correct. Or, more accurately, all the hubs appear to have the same geofence as hub 2 even though they are in distinctly different locations. Somehow, the app thinks all the hubs are installed at the same place as my 2nd hub.

Naturally, none of my geofences will work. My lights at home keep turning off because I’ve left the geofence zone for my house even though my phone correctly shows my position. The app thinks the hub has moved to be with its cousin a couple hundred miles away!

Help, this is driving me bonkers!

FYI, I hadn’t updated the iOS app in ages and did so just the other day. It hasn’t worked right since then. I don’t remember what version I was on previously, but it was old.

Surely I’m not the only person who has had this problem.



Yep, found this multi hub location issue 2 years ago, posted about it. I stopped using the iOS geofence and presence. The iOS app is a disappointment. And another thing is when you disable geofence in the app it stays on!
I only use the app to link hub notifications to my phone and check a dashboard. That part seems to work OK.

Yes I wish this had been fixed. I recall some updates that mentioned geofencing. It did work at one time. I really do not like to recommend external apps for functionality that appears to already exist natively, but does not work. It would be less frustrating if you just could not switch hubs. I initially spent days on this before giving up :confused:. I had read that Apple also introduced some hurdles at the time, but Locative figured a way around it. I am also now generally only using app for notifications as I use VPN, and cloud dashboards but otherwise I have found it to be okay and is a backup.

Locative is simple, flexible and has been working better than expected. Hope it continues. (There are a lot of threads on geofencing. It is not perfect and is only one leg of the stool for presence sensing).

One of my posts was here.

Hope that helps.

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