Geofence Broken 1.6.8 Build 128

Few starter answer....
Is the pin on the app on your phone in the correct place? - Yes

Can you recive messages from your hub (could use built-in notification app to test)? Yes

Have you disabled app optimisation and battery optimisation on your phone? Yes, turned off adaptive battery, not sure where app optimization would be turned off (android Pixel3a)

Have you allowed all the app permissions on your phone? Location permission is set to "All the Time". Physical Activity access is allowed. Any other permissions required?

When the app is up, I wander in and out of the Geofence and it gives me a notification on the phone on exit and on entry. I can't find a corresponding log in the logs on the Hubitat itself but I'm not completely sure I know where to look.

@mark.cockcroft -- thanks for the list of info that would help. My mouse manager is not reacting to geofence events and I cannot tell if the events are making it to the hub.

Looks like it has sensed you leaving

right, but I can't see anywhere that the hub is notified of that or responds to it. Is it supposed to be in a specific log?

I found this in the Device Log.... Which seems promising.

There should be a device of type mobile presence

My phone is the presence device in this case.

Or do I need to create a device? I don't see "Mobile Presence" as an option, only "Virtual Presence"

OK, Last night I enrolled in the Beta version via Google Play Store. This morning I Deleted Hubitat Safety Manager, Hubitat Mode Manager, and Notification Manager.

I reinstall HSM first, then HMM. I then moved my pin around in app to force and exit and and entrance and Mode manager saw the exit and set me to Away, which then Armed HSM. I'll do a real test in a bit to see if it is actually working.


Was having this issue where the mobile app device wouldn't report presence state to the hub at all, like it wasn't even displayed on my dashboard under "Current States". I would move the geofence and it would say "inside of geofence" etc. but the debug notification wasn't sending and nothing was happening with the hub.

Anyway, I was able to fix it by uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app; clearing cache and data before this was not working. Now the debug notification is sending and the hub is updating instantly.

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