Geodrops soil sensor

I came across this cool soil sensor. It has multiple sensors at various depths allowing me to read moisture values at root level, surface level and temperature.

Any thoughts on what might technically be needed by the product manufacturer, if we wanted it's values to be read by Hubitat?

An application programming interface, so that external systems (like Hubitat) can interact with it.

Then it’s possible someone could write a custom Hubitat driver for it.

Also it needs to be available for sale, not pre-sale :slightly_smiling_face:.

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@saurabh9 I messaged them about it. They have no open API


If you’re interested in a solution that is available to purchase now, many of us are happy with the soil moisture sensors made by Ecowitt.

Ecowitt actually makes a wide range of indoor and outdoor sensors for environmental/weather monitoring. The sensors won’t work directly with Hubitat, but there’s an integration with Ecowitt’s bridge devices, and it functions completely locally.

AI seems like overkill for deciding when to water the plants, and Kickstarter is almost always a red flag these days, IMO.

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There are rare exceptions (for example - Home Assistant Yellow), but this is true of all crowdfunding sites, not just Kickstarter.

Add me to that list. There’s an ecowitt equivalent, branded Misol, which is about 50% the price, and available on AliExpress. The gateway is $20, and soil sensors are $9. Integrates with Hubitat locally, like the ecowitt gateway.

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True, I didn’t mean to call out kickstarter specifically.

Crowdfunding for tech products is, in general, a bit of a crapshoot.

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