Generic Zigbee RGBW driver feature request

@mike.maxwell, would it be possible to add level pre-staging to the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver? I was using the Sengled driver for my Sylvania bulbs, but the driver no longer works for them with the latest HE firmware, so I went back to the generic driver. I really liked the level pre-staging, especially at night so as to not blind me when the lights first come on.

well that's quite interesting as there weren't any changes in 2.1.6 to zigbee or the sengled driver

I don’t know why, but status stopped updating and I started noticing lag and sometimes lights not coming on with motion. It would update for approximately 2 or 3 level changes after configuring and then stop. I have no idea why. Working fine since changing back to generic rgbw driver and using the new group 2.1. I realize it wasn’t made for the Sylvania bulbs, so I’m not complaining. Just inquiring if implementing level prestaging would be a possibility without to much work involved. Thanks.