Generic Zigbee Outlet Last Activity no longer updating with configure

For a little over a year now I have been successfully using the Device Watchdog app to monitor whether or not my Zigbee wall-mounted power outlets were connected and working by monitoring the Last Activity attribute.

Because some of my Sengled outlets were powering alarm sirens, I could not periodically turn them on and off in order to check each hour if they were still connected. Instead, up until now (and the key phrase is “up until now”, LOL), I was able to get the Last Activity attribute on the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver to update by setting up a RM rule that would trigger the “Configure” command on the device page.

I just updated to and I don’t know if this is just a coincidence but when I hit the Configure command, the Last Activity attribute no longer updates. I also tried the “Refresh” command as well. I am able to control the outlets from the device page and my associated dashboards so I know they are connected. However, because I am no longer able to update the the Last Activity attribute (without actually turning each device On then Off), I am getting reports every hour now from Device Watchdog that my outlets are no longer connected.

I do not think this is a Device Watchdog issue as I am not able to update the Last Activity time and date by using the Configure button on the device page itself (whereas up until now, I was able to do so). Device Watchdog merely reads the “old” Last Activity data which is several hours past the “inactivity” threshold. Again, everything was working fine right up to me updating to early this morning.

Can @bobbyD or anyone else on the Hubitat support staff assist me in this? TIA so much for any help you can give me as the problem started within a couple of hours after I updated to Thanks again for all you do!

I would start by downgrading the hub to the platform version that was on it when it worked. That can be done by going to http://hubitat.local:8081 and then selecting the “Restore Previous Version” option and then selecting the version to restore.

If the issue is no longer present afterwards, and present again when updating back to .135, that would likely confirm that the issue is linked to the platform update.


There is a known issue in that broke "last activity." @gopher.ny posted in the beta forums that it will be fixed in the next release.


Thanks! did not catch that (I do not belong to the beta forum). Will await next release.

I was out of town for several days so did not update the firmware until I returned today to Happy to report that the “last activity” is now fixed and so now works as intended with Device Watchdog. Thank you to the staff for fixing this and for the community for their heads up on this.

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