Generic Z-Wave Motion Sensors stopped working with 2.1.5

not that I can think of, but options are good...

I have several Ecolink motion sensors (z-wave plus). Should I wait to upgrade to 2.1.5, or are there some kind of configuration changes I can make before updating?

I have plus versions and they are ok, it's the non plus Ecolink versions that are still problematic, and we are working on these...


Good to know. I recently switched it to that mode after I noticed Z-Wave Status as disabled after upgrading to 2.1.5. Didn't really know if/why it should be that way or not, but ignorant me figured more was better!

As per your recommendation, I switched back to Secure Join only Locks / Garage Doors.


@mike.maxwell version fixed my Monoprice Motion Sensors -- Thank You!
The Manufacturer code is 330 in the device driver - is this the same as Ecolink?


what's the complete MSR?

  • MSR: 014A-0001-0001
  • manufacturer: 330

yes, appears to be the same device as the non+ Ecolink

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FYI - I was having issues with my 4 Ecolink Z-Wave Motion Sensors, PIR-ZWAVE2 with the last firmware. They just stopped reporting motion to HE. I updated the hub firmware to yesterday, and they are working again.

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