Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

I have a Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener, and it it ac powered. All of a sudden it has disconnected from my hub. I tried to repair the Z wave, but this device will not rejoin the signal. What can I do to add it back to the hub without removing it?

I suspect that it might have lost its Z-Wave network address. As far as I know, it is not possible to give it back the same address. It will need to be re-joined and will get a new address.

Is the issue is that you have several automations linked to it and you don’t want to have to modify them?

If so, you could always try this procedure which will allow you to update the Hubitat device with the new address:

What would cause it to lose its address? When trying to remove the device it says:

Having trouble excluding the device? Follow the manufacturers instructions to exclude this device from the system or click Force Remove below.

By excluding does that mean resetting the device, or should I just force remove it?

You want to avoid force removing it. This will delete the device, so it will be removed from your apps/configurations.

Good question! I suspect an issue with the device. If removing didn’t work, it might need to be reset. If that doesn’t work - I would wonder if it might have become defective for whatever reason…

After getting rid of the node in HE, factory reset the garage opener before pairing

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