Generic Z-Wave Blind reversal

I have moved over from wink, my blinds were controlled using a shade relay, and they worked fine. It installed fine on HE but everything is reversed now. ie open is closed. I also have the same issue on a go control door sensor. Is there any way to get the z-wave device controller to reverse the input?

what drivers are you using for the devices?

So that might be where I am at a loss. I am using the device generic z-wave Shade but not sure what driver it is. How would I find that. Sorry new to HE and not a coder.

Device tab, select your device, and on that page it says "type" about half way down the page on the right side.

Generic z-wave shade

I'm using a gocontrol door sensor and don't have any issues with it

do you have any rules associated with the shade?

What device is this (brand/model number)?

I have seen where people did a calibration of the blinds to solve this. I don't have blinds so I am working blindly. :laughing:

It is generic but HE calls it model 265. I have tried the calibration button but it didn’t do anything.

I mean the config button

No rules just the dashboard button

That doesn't mean anything. Somfy? Qubino? Zebra? Graber?

No, a physical button sequence of some type where you might push a button, roll the shade up, push again, and so on.

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