Generic App death Question

I installed ST hub integration and Envisalink 3 days ago and all was working great.
Yesaterday at midnight ST hub integration stopped talking even though it says "ONLINE" o=in the ST app. Envisalink also stopped and the app no long exists in the app list and all my workling contact devices are gone from the device list and Dashboard!
Yes, I did a backup earlier so I won;t loose too much if I tray to restore but what gives?

Edit. I shutdwon and restarted HE no change. ST reports its sending event to HE but the logs in HE, which I'm a little new at and assume App 113 is HubConnect, says
sys:12021-01-01 15:34:35.662 warnReceived local request for App 113 that does not exist, path: /ping from unknown

sys:12021-01-01 15:33:44.508 warnReceived local request for App 113 that does not exist, path: /device/5734b98b-d41e-420e-842f-98d6fc8ac02b/event/%7B%22name%22%3A%22battery%22%2C%22value%22%3A%2237%22%2C%22unit%22%3Anull%2C%22displayName%22%3A%22Ensuite+Humidity%22%2C%22data%22%3Anull%7D from unknown

Guessing that you may have removed and reinstalled the HE side of HubConnect a few times. If you look at the logs what’s the highest app number for HubConnect that you are seeing?

Not seeing much in the logs for app numbers at the momnet.
I restored to 2 days ago and my Envisalink app/devices and HubConnect are working again.
Just lost a few hours of device and piston work :frowning:
I swear HE just dropped the apps for no reason.
I'm going to do backups every few hours until all is moved over.

Just had what I think is HC app 113 pop up with an error but I think it's an actual Groovy issue,

pp:1132021-01-01 16:11:01.896 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method sendEvent() on null object on line 689 (remoteModeChange)

Looks like the restore put HC back at app113, so you should be good (as long as it doesn’t self delete again)

Just glad I haven't gotten to Blink and all the complicated pistons yet, that's the next few days. Mode is failing to update though which worked before the the great deletion. Also have to factory reset some Zigbee switches which I haven't done; I'm used to Z-Wave resets. Off to the docs again.

Zigbee is a lot easier than Z-wave

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