GE Zigbee Jasco Dimmer Switches

Having problems with GE Zigbee dimmer switch. This:

To which Mike Maxwell replied:
Nov '20

If level prestaging is turned off, and the device is already off. Any set level command will turn the device on, there is no need to send a level and a separate on command.

The above statement is not true for me. Issuing a level from driver page creates no ON state. This in turn causes the GE zigbee dimmer driver to not work as a dimmer in Room Lighting. Switching driver to Generic Zigbee dimmer will allow this fine switch to work, but with limited features. Is anyone using a custom GE zigbee driver more recently ported from Smartthings? One seems to exist but I can't seem to lay fingers on it.

I have a building full of these model 43082 and 43080 both will send an on event from off with a simple setLevel(Γ—Γ—) command.
What model are you dealing with?


Mine has the same firmware as well.
When you're switching drivers you are clicking configure correct?

I'm a bit insulted, but I get why you ask - standard question.
Yes. I button Mash. Generally when I switch drivers I switch first to 'Device'. button mash, then switch to the intended target. Thats how I learned Device doesn't clear preferences recently.... btw.

Can you post the debug logs using the ge driver after exrcuting off and then setlevel 50?

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