GE z-wave pairing interrupted

I inadvertently interrupted the pairing process for one of my z-wave paddle switches. I can’t seem to find it. I tried to exclude it and reset the device without luck. Any advice or suggestions?

Sometimes flipping the breaker for 30 seconds helps. I’ve had to do this on a few switches to get them to pair.

The GE switches can be a pain to add, even when you have the hub very close. My advise is to keep trying. I had it get to the initializing phase and never complete, but eventually find it again and add correctly.

I've been struggling to add a GE z-wave dimmer for over a week. Finally had success today, and as they say, hindsight is 20/20. This all started as a port from ST to HE and I mistakenly deleted the device from ST before I excluded it from ST z-wave. Finally today I was able to re-run z-wave exclude in the ST app, and successfully excluded an 'unknown device', but I still couldn't get the switch to add on HE. I'm in Florida in a block house and this switch is not in the same room as my HE hub. I got frustrated with this particular switch and moved on to to more of the same types of switches that had not yet been deleted from ST, and are closer to the HE hub. Both excluded easily from ST and added almost instantaneously to HE. Both of these switches are between my HE hub and the back door where the difficult switch sits. Decided to give the problem switch one more shot and it paired right up, I assume because the closer switches were now repeating the z-wave signal to the distant switch. An additional benefit was an outdoor GE Z-wave switch that has been intermittently working is now working flawlessly as well. Made a mental note to always work from the Hub out going forward. Tomorrow I tackle the garage door opener.

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Once you have a strong mesh established, the garage door should be uneventful. I did my garage door a few weeks ago and even though it was 2 hops from the hub, it paired almost instantly.