GE Z-Wave 3-way switch with Add on switch

So I have a GE 3-way switch on one side of the garage and the add on switch on the other end.

The issue is that if the add on switch is pushed the status does not change in habitat. it only changes status when the z-wave switch is pushed.

Anyone else have this issue. Pushing the add on switch turns on and off the lights as expected, but the status in habitat does not change unless i push the actual z-wave switch.

I am trying to create a rule that when its turned on it does one thing and when off it does something else, works fine when using the z-wave switch, but not the add on switch.

Is this an older non-Z-wave Plus switch? If so that is an issue with the GE switches and not an issue with Hubitat. I had this exact same issue with these switches on SmartThings before migrating to HE. I ended up replacing my older GE switches with Plus models where I needed immediate status.

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