GE Remote

Anyone have one of these and got it to work?

Maybe someone would be interested in making a driver.

Donโ€™t get it.. It only works with direct association to devices.. Itโ€™s not a central scene controller... GE really missed the mark on this one.. Itโ€™s also a pain to setup


Thanks for the info. That is good to know. I haven't bought one yet.

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It also costs 3.5 x what a pico remote does, you only have to buy a few before a pico and lutron hub make sense.

I always wonder how decisions like these get made, love to be a fly on the wall when they talked about this product!


Especially when they were supposed to be a regular button controller, and look like this:


Not sure what happened in between when these were announced, and this remote we ended up with.

Not following, they do in fact look like those pictured, the issue is the firmware for these wasn't implemented as a button controller capable of notifying a hub, there are several ways of doing this, some older and some newer, they chose neither...

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It would almost have worked in the current form .. If they would have at least implemented multi-channel association .. But no multi-channel, and no central scene, this thing wants to be a standalone direct controller..

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Does the Pico remote allow customer button assignments or will each Pico remote allow control of any Hubitat device?

You can assign commands to each button however you wish. A Pico can be assigned to a particular device, or a combination of devices. I have one Pico that runs a fan and light with only 4 buttons. I have others run a Caseta dimmer and a GE Zwave switch.

Oh snap.

$15 at Amazon and does what I need.


Do you have the Lutron Pro Bridge? Pico don't work standalone, they require the bridge to connect to Hubitat.

Does it register double taps at all?

Just trying to figure out if I need 1 or 2 of them to start.

They do not have double tap.

They support both push and hold so if you get the 5 button Pico you have 10 options in Button Controller. But as @neonturbo mentions you need to have/purchase the Lutron Bridge Pro2 hub for them to work. Definitely worth the investment.

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