GE outlet

I just installed a couple of GE Outlets. I have updated the z wave plus GE switches to the drivers supplied by someone on here to allow the double push of the switches etc. Are there driver updates for the outlets as well? Or can I apply the GE z wave plus switch driver to the outlet as well? I am aiming to mostly turn the LED off on the outlet itself.

From what I have seen on this forum you should be able to change the driver (temporarily) on the outlet to the Basic Z-Wave Tool and change the parameter (if one is available) associated with the LED to the Off position. Once the parameter has been changed you can change the driver back to your original driver. This driver 'Basic Z-Wave Tool' is located on Github.

If you know the device model you can usually look up the parameter list here:

That worked! Thank you!

Welcome. Glad it worked for you. It is a good driver to keep in your list. It has come in handy a few times.

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