GE/Jasco Zigbee wall dimmer face plate LED

I have several GE/Jasco ZWave Plus dimmers, and on those I can configure the face LED to turn it off.

I recently installed a GE/Jascon Zigbee dimmer (they physically look identical) to help support a weak spot in my Zigbee mesh. The driver for the Zigbee version does not provide control of the LED indicator on the face.

Is this just a missing feature in the driver? Or is this capability missing from the Zigbee dimmer.

Other than that missing feature, the dimmer is working great, and it has filled in a radio 'hole' in my Zigbee mesh.

You are correct that this capability isn't exposed in the driver. However, you can set it locally at the switch. Tap the top of the paddle three times and then lower one time.

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Just select the device, the is an option to have it never go on, or be on when the switch is on, on on when the switch is on. It is much easier then trying to configure the switch physically. You can invert the switch and these is even a driver to allow you to program in a double tap results but even the generic Z-Wave driver allows everything else. I just change mine today. It 1 to 2 seconds.

You are responding to an old thread that had already been correctly answered.

The question was specific to the Zigbee switch, not the Z-Wave switch. At least at the time the question was asked, there was not an option to set LED preference in the built-in driver. I use asj's GE/Jasco Smart Switch driver and it isn't there either.