GE/Jasco Z-Wave, Zigbee & Wi-Fi Switches on Clearance @ Lowe's


Lowe's in the Atlanta area has put the GE/Jasco Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-fi smart home switches on Clearance. They are being replaced by Z-Wave switches by Eaton.

Today I scored a great deal on the following Z-Wave In-wall units:

Smart Dimmer (Toggle) 46204-3 for $9.00 each

Smart Switch (Toggle) 14292-3 for $10.00 each

Smart Fan Control (Decora)14287-4 for $9.00 each

Add-on Switch (Toggle) 46200-1 for $5.50 each

Add-on Switch (Decora) 12723-5 for $4.40 each

Depending upon your individual Lowe's store, they may or may not be marked with a Clearance tag. In my local store they were NOT marked. So be sure to get an Associate to scan them to verify they are on Clearance in your store and the price. And because they were on Clearance, they weren't eligible for my Military discount.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Lowe's or GE/Jasco other than being a customer. Information that I share is accurate at the time it was shared.


I was told to use the web site to verify the pricing and potential availability of the switches in your area. Just insert the product number and your zip code.

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Holy crap, Batman! Wow...congratulations.

My local Lowe's had a bunch on clearance. Before the holidays picked up a handful of GE Z-wave Plus plug-in smart switches for $16 each. Gonna stop by and see if they have dropped the prices further. I absolutely love the GE/Jasco/Enbrighten stuff, have an entire house full of it.

Brickseek listed several Lowes in my area as having clearance stock but I visited them all and none actually had anything. I'd love a couple of the in-wall outlets if anyone happens to come across them. I'll pay fair asking price. Thanks.

My local Lowe's had a big section of GE/Jasco and never carried in-wall outlets. Only in-wall switches/fan control and plug-in outlets. Might be a tall order...

@dbowles1975 My Lowes had 4 of the in-wall plug-in outlets on clearance for $16/each plus 8% sales tax. I picked up all 4 of them. I have installed one in my kitchen and I have opened a second one in prep to install in a second kitchen outlet, but haven't installed it yet because it really isn't needed. The other two are just sitting, waiting for me to figure out where they can be installed.

If you wish to get the two unopened ones and/or the third one that was opened but not installed, then I'm sure we can work something out. I am willing to sell them for what I paid or trade them for some of the Paddle Style in-wall Smart Switches (not dimmers) that have the simplewire feature.

I'm in the Atlanta area, if you wish to make a deal.

What I found with several of the Lowes stores is that these switches are NOT located with the other electrical switches. I have found them in the home automation aisle next to the Echo and Google devices. I have also found them in a separate display in the lighting department. And at least one store had them in the clearance shelves along the center back aisle, spread in 3 different clearance shelves. To find them in a store has become a scavenger hunt.

The most disappointing thing was for two different stores that Brickseek indicated had 4 and 7 each of the Smart Switches, to find there were none to be found anywhere in those stores. And when the stores checked their sales records for the SKU, they hadn't sold any in over 6 months. Both stores admitted that their inventory records were bad.

I can't get my hands on any new switches. I've checked every Lowes in the area. I have a bunch of used stuff for trade (older GE switches, Sylvania RGB stuff and a couple of Lutron Caseta dimmers) or I could just pay you for them. I only need two of them. Just let me know. Thanks.

Yeah, I've been raiding the clearance sections at Lowes and HD for years now. I'm in and out of both for work all the time so I've gotten intimately familiar with the non-sensical way they arrange their clearance items.

Last spring the Lowe’s around me were clearancing all of their zigbee merchandise, including the kwikset 914 & 916 locks. I bought them through the app (or their website) for pickup in store. If it wasn’t available, the order would be canceled. That kept me from wasting time driving to them.

The issue I have found is my local Lowe's clearance inventory does not show up in either the mobile app or their online web site. I have to drive to them all to find out what is available.

Stopped by yesterday and grabbed a bunch of the toggle style GE smart switches. Inside the house is all decora paddle switches, but in the garage I don't care and need a bunch of switches. For $12 each they will perfectly suit my needs in the garage!

@cliffordwmartin if your first taker falls through I will happily buy these off you for what you paid and shipping costs. Thanks!

Also Z-wave Kwikset locks are on clearance. They had the zigbee version yesterday, but it appears to be out of stock now. This is showing up as "ship to store" for this price.

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