GE / Jasco Smart Dimmer: Hubitat AND Harmony Home Hub?

First post here - beginner warning!

Yesterday I installed a GE 14294 / Jasco ZW3005 Z-wave smart dimmer in my living room. I have a Harmony Home Hub and Elite controller I use with my home theater, and wanted to also control the lights with it. The problem is, I can't seem to get it to be controlled from both Hubitat AND the Harmony Hub. It works with one or either but not both.

Paired with the Home Hub, I can control the dimmer from my Elite remote - which is great, and mostly what I bought it for. I can also add the device to Hubitat as "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer" (the default), but until I hit "Configure" it doesn't work properly. After I hit "Configure" then it works from Hubitat but then does not respond to the Harmony Hub any more.

I'm happy to live with Harmony only operation if that's the only solution, but it would be amazing to have the option to use both.


I have not tried this so take it with a few grains of salt but . . .

It looks like you could integrate (interface) Hubitat with the Harmony Hub. See: [Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20190220

With both devices interfaced with Hubitat, maybe you could accomplish what you are trying to do?

Thanks Eric! It looks like that might work. That integration doesn't allow control of individual Harmony devices, but it does let you switch Activities on and off. If I understand correctly, I can set up a "lights on" Harmony Activity and then trigger it on and off from the Hubitat.

I'll give it a whirl, thanks again!

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