GE Jasco Motion Detecting Switch Losing config

I've redeployed my GE Jasco Motion detecting switches into two bathrooms. If I set the Occupancy mode and timeout manually with the buttons on the switch it seems to do what I expected. But if I try and change or even just save the same settings using the Hubitat device page they fall back to "Manual" mode as far as I can tell. They report motion but don't respond to it.

Any thoughts on what I'm missing? Maybe there's a firmware update I'm missing but I can't really find any info on if/how to update.


I've also noticed it takes a couple seconds from detecting motion to turning on the light if I use the "Occupancy" mode set manually. Would setting Rule Machine get the light to go on faster?!

I have noticed the slow "on" response also. Frustrating , when the switch was on my Vera the response was instant (getting it to work with Vera was a nightmare).

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