GE/Jasco 26933 Motion/Dimmer - Can the motion detector be used for security?

Ok, I started in on your rules and I am lost already.

In the "select dimmer level by mode" section, I have 4 choices. Away, Day, Evening, and Night.
I do not have a "morning" option.

Is that a mode that you added yourself? If so, how do you go about that?

I added that mode. You do that in the hub settings, the mode/location - something like that, I'm not in front of my hub.

Found it! Created a morning mode AND I just made your rules work on my master bathroom light!

This is BRILLIANT Jason. Thank you so much man, I really REALLY appreciate it sir.

My wife loves the adjustable dimmers. She is the first one up, so when she goes to feed the cats she used to get blinded when the lights came on full blast. Not any more.