GE Fan Control Driver Bug?

This device seems to work programmatically but doesn’t seem to refresh its state if activated manually. Anyone else see this behavior? Since on and off are not sensed, it doesn’t work in automations.

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Do you have the zwave, or zwave plus version? If non-plus then you need to poll it with the polling app or an RM rule.

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the problem is that the non-plus version still defaults to the "smart" driver (the only get fan control driver) which doesn't allow polling from the polling app

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Thanks for the suggestions. I initially setup a rule to poll. I decided to port the driver from ST.

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Bago, Could you share your ported fan switch driver. I am in need of it for the same reasons as you. I did not see it on your Github account. Thank you.

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Hmmm. That link is not working. I can get to your Github account but it appears to be empty.

I've noticed over the last few firmware changes that my GE fan controllers weren't responding correctly. They wouldn't refresh and report as off even though the fans were running. I hit the "configure" button and waited for a couple of minutes and then things started working and reporting correctly. This is with the built in driver.


Just note that driver won't work 100% correcty with the fan tile on a dashboard. If you don't use dashboards, then no worries, but I thought I would mention it.

? It can't possibly work 100% as it doesn't implement all of the required Hubitat fanControl elements ...

I'm not saying it doesn't work "at all"... I was careful to say "100%"....

How did anything "come back to bite you"? I was just pointing out a gap versus the published driver requirements for that device type.

No one was belittling you or not being thankful for your contribution.

No need to be so sensitive.

As far as this:

I have 5 of these devices (all zwave plus) - and the in-box works fine for me.

It might be worth submitting a support ticket if it isn't working for others, though. Otherwise it will never get fixed, right?

this is a pretty old topic. they don't seem to have any interest in fixing it.

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It looks like the current recommendation is to use the Generic Z-Wave Dimmer driver. That is what I am currently using and it is working and reporting on and off. I believe that it was @bravenel that recommended that originally.

Edit: Yep, here is the link: 1.1.7 Polling

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