Ge enbrightne in dashboard but wont link to alexa

I installed a GE Enbrighten dimmer switch. I got it in my dashboard and it works fine. But Alexa can't find it. I have the Hubitat skill and lots of other switches that say connected via Hubitat. Just cant get this one. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you go into the "Amazon Echo Skill" app in the Hubitat apps list and add it there? This prevents all devices from going to Alexa, you control which are shared.

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For alexa integration I suggest create groups: for example 'street' and add 'lamp post', 'front porch', 'driveway' etc. On alexa only authorize 'street', so, you just say 'alexa turn on street', also you can turn on/off the group on a basic rule to turn on at sunset.

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